Thank you for visiting our website. If you are a seeking to hire Finance or Maritime professionals for your company we would be very pleased to hear from you. When selecting a headhunting or recruitment firm, we believe our clients wish to use one that combines professionally-focused industry knowledge, an ability to fully understand the client's business and the confidentiality and trust to provide both discreet and global but "on the ground" sourcing of the best people.

AFM is a pro-active headhunting firm that uses its unique industry knowledge to confidentially identify, approach and convince the right candidates to join its clients. This discreet and traditional search style is enhanced by global vacancy-distribution and candidate-sourcing technology, meaning clients receive a "best of both worlds" service combining the two styles, or can opt for a more tailored approach to the search.

AFM consultants work as a team, using its unique database of over 60,000 professionals,  which allows them to execute searches quickly. The team has over 150 years of actual Financial and Maritime industry experience. They are professionals in their field, based in Asia and Europe and constantly in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and other major financial and maritime centres. This has enabled the firm to successfully conclude searches worldwide and so to have been voted among the top three executive search firms in its field.

Whilst AFM focuses on Middle to Top or "Professional level" searches, we are open to work across all levels within our focus industries.

AFM works on both Contingency and Retained searches. In the first of these no upfront fee is paid and AFM does all the search work on its own account and only gets rewarded on the successful hiring of a candidate by the client.

In other words there is NO COST to engage AFM unless and until you choose to hire a candidate proposed by us.

For Retained searches a portion of the fee (usually a third) is paid as a non-returnable advance on the full fee, the balance being payable on successful hiring.

Most clients naturally opt to work on a Contingency basis and, being confident of success within its field, AFM is happy to do so, however this does require an informative "open door" relationship with the right hiring manager at the client, and it needs rapid and complete responses to applicants and their questions.

When Terms of Business and a new vacancy description are agreed with a client AFM takes pro-active action to approach selected candidates on the client's behalf, often by targeting those fully engaged by a client's competitor. It also uses this website and social media, if required, to distribute vacancies and source additional candidates worldwide. In other words, unlike many of its competitors, AFM does not just post a job advert then wait to see who replies.

At an agreed stage the client's name will be revealed to the prospective candidate and it then becomes imperative that AFM and the client fully respond in a timely manner. Failure to do so can easily damage both AFM and the client's reputation in the market place.

So, please do choose AFM to help your firm find the best people and be ready to actively support the relationship to ensure they join your firm.

We look forward to hearing from you and you can click here to "Contact Us" or if you have an immediate hiring need click here to "Register a Vacancy"

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